Written & Directed by Beatriz Carvalho, Bogdan Anifrani Fedach and Bren López Zepeda

Produced by Anne-Marie Bousquet

The first edition of a creative lab that will be ongoing, Alambic provides three emerging filmmakers the opportunity to create a short film over a five-month period, in professional surroundings and in a spirit of community, discussion and sharing.

  • Exploring the conscious, the unconscious and the self, By Winds and Tides takes a deep experimental dive into the birth of an idea—how it takes shape, how it is released. An allegorical quest, the film combines images and words into a singular sigh. A film by Bogdan Anifrani Fedach

  • Strength. Challenges. Courage. Modern Alchemy depicts a quest for self-knowledge that revolves around resilience, reconstruction and rebirth. A succession of colours, each more vibrant than the last, in which one stops breathing for a moment to find a path toward inner peace. A film by Bren López Zepeda

  • Solid Ground is a poetic and sound-rich travelogue—a personal journal that reveals the thoughts of an expatriate returning to her native land. A film by Beatriz Carvalho