Brain Stream

Written and directed by Caroline Robert. Created by AATOAA Studio.

Produced by Marie-Pier Gauthier

In this short interactive animated film, a young girl broadcasts her brain activity during a virtual treatment session. Brain Stream is an off-the cuff, guided tour of the twists and turns of her brain, during which she offers humorous commentary on her thoughts as they unfold before our eyes in real time.

Her thoughts, sensations and obsessions take shape as animated sequences on our screens, unfolding and transforming as her mind wanders. She honestly and spontaneously describes everything going on in her mind as it’s happening. She speaks to us, feels our touch and responds to the collective actions of the participants. Empowered and inspired by our support, she lets us guide her along unexplored cognitive pathways—her own, but perhaps ours too.

What if we could invite people to wander along our neural paths as if they were in a film or a Google Street View image of our thoughts and feelings? Brain Stream explores the plasticity and fascinating operations of our brain—from our mind’s capacity to be constantly active and transforming to the persistence and ever-changing nature of our thoughts.