Call for ideas: The Montréal/Miami New Narratives Lab

Produced by Diliana Alexander (Filmgate Miami), Katharina Meissner (MUTEK), Vivian Marthell (O Cinema), Marie-Pier Gauthier

Exploring the Future of Mixed-Reality Storytelling

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A three-day guided design workshop in Miami.
Remote mentoring for your project.
Two presentations, to an audience of industry professionals and funders, in Miami and Montreal.

It’s a critical time for cultural exchanges—exchanges that support conversations, creativity, knowledge, and growth. They are more necessary now than they’ve ever been as we come to terms with life in semi-isolation and imagine re-entry into the “new normal.” At a time when civil unrest due to social injustice is catalyzing reform, when impediments to travel are both medical and political, we are each charged with a responsibility: to be human.

With the advent of digital technology and now, new XR tech, the ability to tell our stories and engage friends and strangers alike has become more important and powerful than ever as a tool for connecting to our humanity. To this end, FilmGate Miami, MUTEK, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and O Cinema are organizing the Montréal/Miami New Narratives Lab, a cross-cultural exchange between creative storytellers, organizations, and innovative technology industries, in pursuit of exploring the future of storytelling in augmented and mixed reality. It is also an opportunity to combine our efforts across borders and continue the work of gender parity in the global tech industry.

Offering this opportunity to female-identifying creators, we aim to counter current industry statistics by creating an inclusive space, in which they can develop strong ideas for immersive and interactive storytelling and thrive in the creative roles that such projects demand.

Download the PDF for all the details about this call for ideas.