Marshal McLuhan

Directed by François Aubry and William Kuhns

Produced by Christine Aubé

The poet, philosopher and media prophet Marshall McLuhan stands in for Virgil as our guide on a Dante-esque tour of a world in which the disinformation wars have become universal; mobile phone screens have become the focus of social life and everyone’s attention; long-established rules of polite discourse break down in the jungle of social media; and privacy is now under constant surveillance (facial recognition, monitoring of our every click, our choices and preferences, and our intentions). Given that some have heralded digital media as a huge step toward a utopian future, this film will acknowledge the positive aspects of this “extension of our nervous system,” but its main focus will be on the dystopian aspects of media today. We will see what McLuhan has to say about them, asking him to identify the best strategies for dealing with them and ensuring the survival of our integrity as humans in this media maze.