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Directed by Etienne Paquette
Produced by Marc Bertrand

Migrations is an art installation that recounts the calamities experienced by the women, men, and children travelling northward migration corridors to reach almost mythical lands of refuge. A blend of graphical animation, sculptural design, technological craftsmanship, and fictional writing, the work strives to imbue this modern tragedy with a sensitive and utterly distinct poetic vision that is free from exploitative and opportunistic media frameworks. A free interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Ugly Duckling, Migrations recounts the voyage of a young swan forced to flee its village after its parents are murdered. Along the way it meets the smuggler Lucien and joins a strange venture in which the travellers, all rejected from the world, have only their own stories as baggage. Together, they embark on a desperate crossing of the sea.