Charity (MOCA Partnership)

Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, and Ryan Ferko

Produced by Rob McLaughlin

The National Film Board of Canada and the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto have partnered to produce a new digital artwork as part of the multidimensional, museum-wide exhibition, Greater Toronto Art 2021, opening in September 2021.

Greater Toronto Art 2021 is an interdisciplinary commissioning and producing programme that will explore how our cities and social reality has changed, and will continue to adapt, in the midst of social transformation and re-opening. Works from over 20 artists will be exhibited at MOCA in September 2021.

The NFB/MOCA partnership offers an individual artist or collective the opportunity to develop an accessible, free public art work in the form of a mobile-based digital experience. This project will be released online and available worldwide, and showcased as part of the MOCA physical exhibition Greater Toronto Art 2021.

The selected project is currently untitled and is being led by the artist collective PFR.

The project is a non-linear and interactive website based experience using 360 visuals and embedded 2D visual and audio materials in a photogrammetry environment. Inspired by the aesthetic and functions of virtual real estate walkthroughs, viewers will go on a visit to the neighbourhood of “Cathedraltown” in Markham, ON and navigate through the stories and events surrounding a work of public sculpture titled “Charity” — from its construction, to its installation, to the controversy of having it removed. The project will explore issues of migration, identity, urban development, changing landscape and community demographics.