Written and directed by Miri Checkhanovich and Edith Jorisch.
An experience created by Miri Checkhanovich, Edith Jorisch and Dpt.

Produced by Dpt., National Film Board of Canada, Lalibela Productions

We are creatures of our environment. The more we saturate the environment with plastic, the more plastic we become. Are we turning into “Plastisapiens”?

A surreal work of eco-fiction, Plastisapiens invites us to explore the human influence on the environment and, conversely, the effect of the environment on the modification of the human genome.

This speculative and ironic piece imagines a future where plastic and organic life merge to create a new life form called the Plastisapien. The adventure begins in a familiar reality and becomes more and more abstract as users realize just how closely they’re connected to the environment. They’ll journey back into prehistory to discover that we share the same origins as plastic. And at the end of the experience, users will mutate into Plastisapiens—more plastic than human—and discover the plastisphere. They’ll emerge from this vision of an uncertain future, where empathy between species reigns, with a new perspective of the future of human identity: a future where humans are no longer at the centre of the world.