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Star Wars Kid

Directed by Mathieu Fournier
Produced by Annie Bourdeau (Urbania), Pierre-Mathieu Fortin

November 2002: in a room in a high school in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Ghyslain Raza, a somewhat chubby 14-year-old, videotapes himself as he imitates a Star Wars character practising lightsabre moves. The following April, a student finds the video and posts it online for fun—at Raza’s expense. In the pre-Facebook, YouTube and Instagram era, the clip racks up over a million views on platforms like Kazaa and Messenger. Overnight, Raza becomes “Star Wars Kid,” one of the first global viral phenomena.

Today, fans from all over celebrate Raza as a foundational icon of online culture. Others, though, recognize him as the first international-scale victim of cyberbullying.

Raza is now ready to step out of the shadows and tell his side of the story. In breaking the silence, he hopes to reclaim his identity—and, more importantly, help us question our own online behaviour. Now a McGill Law graduate with a keen interest in the psychology of empathy, he will delve into his personal story to better explore present-day issues.