Vimy: monument vivant

Created by Gonzalo Soldi, Anne Lagacé, Claude Guilmain, Sylvain Bellemare, Karen Vanderborght & Priam Givord

Produced by Denis McCready
A project produced by the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with the Vimy Foundation (Caitlin Bailey, Executive Director)

This interactive experience commemorates 105 years since the battle of Vimy Ridge (an anniversary that will be marked in April 2022).

Vimy: monument vivant explores the battle itself, the monument erected on the site of the event and the years of the Great War, and makes connections between that period, the present and the future.

The prime objective of this digital pilgrimage is to present history not as an image fixed in the past but, on the contrary, as a dynamic phenomenon that continues to shape society, creating tension between yesterday and tomorrow.