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ONFB XP – Take it to the lab

ONFB XP – Take it to the lab

Welcome to our technology playground. The doors of legendary NFB English Animation Studio are opened to a bright new generation of animators.


ONFB XP is an exciting incubator designed to test out new ideas and find technology solutions to animation and filmmaking challenges. As Michael Fukushima, former Executive Producer of the Animation Studio says, “It’s a technology playground for animation ideas.”

To guide this year’s participants, we’re lucky to have seven different mentors who will be paired with the participants and be able to support them through their experiments. The mentors include senior programers from CDRIN, Eloi Champagne (NFB Animation Studio technical director), Frank Nadeau (engineer), Brandon Blommaert (filmmaker), Diego Ivan Quiroz Orozco (sound recordist), Daniel Gies (art director and animator) and Geoff Mitchell (NFB mixer and sound recordist).

2021 Participants

Meet the seven participants of this year edition and follow their creative journey.

Parissa Mohit Filmmaker-Animator
“I want to experiment with Unreal and investigate combining animation environments.”


Brian D'Oliveira Creative Director and Composer, La Hacienda Creative
“I want to push the boundaries of what’s possible with virtual musical instruments.”


David Barlow-Krelina Art-Tech Director, Creator, ED Films
“I’m looking forward to prototyping stages, testing hypotheses, and exploring creative techniques for my VR game, The Garden.”


Alexandre Roy Experimental Animation Filmmaker, Director and Graphic Designer
“I want to explore the creative potential of limitations and glitches in 3D scanning.”


Serguei Mokhov Affiliate Associate Professor, Manager - Networks, Security, and HPC Concordia University, Montreal
“We’d like to answer questions like: How easy and useful to integrate real-time motion data into animators’ work?”


Jonathan Llewellyn Student, Concordia University, Montreal


Kyle Ross Student, Concordia University, Montreal