Production Units

NFB production falls under the Programming | Creation, Distribution and Marketing division, headquartered in Montreal. There are six production units located across the country.

The Programming | Creation, Distribution and Marketing teams support NFB programming across the country. The Montreal headquarters is also home to all departments adjacent to our production unit teams, including the distribution, communications and marketing (DCM) teams, institutional services, our legal and human resource departments, and more.

While all our units share basic common values, each produces works that relate to the specifics of their region, consistent with the NFB’s overall mandate and priorities. Each unit is overseen by an executive producer (EP), who defines the strategic programming vision and execution for their studio. Each unit has its own project submission requirements, so before preparing your proposal, make sure your project meets the relevant unit’s requirements. Each unit functions in relationship to the specifics of its own geographic and cultural environment, vibrantly reflecting the manifold facets of Canada. While units are standalone, they occasionally collaborate on projects on a case-by-case basis in response to internal needs.

Our Production Units

Eastern Documentary Unit


Central Documentary Unit


Western Documentary Unit


French Documentary Unit

NATIONAL MANDATE | French Documentary

French Animation Unit

NATIONAL MANDATE | French Animation

English Animation Unit

NATIONAL MANDATE | English Animation

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