Co-Produce with us

Co-produce a documentary, animated film or interactive/immersive project with the NFB.

Co-production terms

Co-production proposals are weighed and evaluated under the same NFB programming considerations listed above.

As a rule, the NFB does not fund more than 49% of the production budget for Canadian or international co-productions.*

The independent producer and the NFB producer jointly make all decisions regarding key partners, artistic components, stakeholders, financing and budget.

The partners come to an agreement on which human and technical resources the NFB will provide, and on marketing and distribution strategies.

Division of the copyright is established pro rata among the partners according to the contribution of each to the co-production, with the NFB retaining an undivided copyright interest in the production in the same proportion as the NFB’s financial participation in the co-production. The NFB negotiates distribution rights based on its own production strategy and objectives.

*With the exception of New Brunswick, where the NFB may be a majority co-producer.


Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident is eligible to propose a project to us. Citizenship or residency requirements for international co-productions follow the spirit of the various international co-production and co-venture agreements established by Telefilm Canada.

If you are currently directing a project at the NFB, you are not eligible to start a new project at the NFB before the first project is completed.

How to propose a project

Propose a Project

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