Ville éternelle

Directed by Nadine Gomez

Produced by Nathalie Cloutier

Why do we build cities in one way and not another? What dreams or fantasies lead to their creation? Does the perfect city exist? As we emerge from the pandemic and find ourselves thoroughly embedded in an unprecedented climate crisis, cities are being redefined and rethought, and those aspiring to do so are numerous. In light of what has been done thus far, what do we imagine the city of tomorrow to be? Who will decide what it looks like? Our imagination has a crucial role to play in this process.

Ville éternelle strives to explore the interrelationship between our narratives and imaginary musings about cities, and the ways in which we subsequently build them. What mystical, philosophical, or existential visions; what religious, rational, or fictional inspirations are hidden behind our urban narratives? And do we really want those cities for our future. Because, to cite Cyril Dion, codirector of the film Demain, “while storytelling is likely to be the impetus behind transitioning societies to a sustainable future,” it is more than ever vital to question, reappropriate, and reorient these stories so that a sequel can still be possible.