Ville éternelle

Directed by Nadine Gomez

Produced by Nathalie Cloutier

Why do we make cities the way we do? What dreams or fantasies fuel these Babylonian constructions that we build so frantically, and which keep on growing? Is there such a thing as a perfect city?

For director Nadine Gomez, this reflection hinges on the idea of public space, for which there exists no absolute definition, but which we know is in crisis. With the project Ville éternelle, she seeks to explain the meaning of planning, the architecture of places, the logic of the built environment, its history and its purpose. She also plans to address the immense challenges of the moment brought on by the frenzied pace of global urbanization: environment, increased surveillance, social upheavals, economic polarization and so on. The quest: how to conceive of and imagine a better future for ourselves.

Cities are unique settings for taking the pulse of our times and examining the trends that shape us. The pandemic has provided an invaluable opportunity: to learn from this hiatus, reflect a little and ask ourselves whether the world that is taking shape is the one we want to live in.