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ACIC – Independent Filmmaker Assistance Program

The French Program of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) provides supplementary assistance for the post-production of French-language films from across Canada that are particularly innovative in form and content and that run the risk of otherwise not being produced.

Assistance can be provided in the form of post-production technical services that are directly linked to making the film. Requests for assistance, including the application form and all required documents, may be submitted at any time.

The ACIC brochure  including all relevant information and the form are available in Acrobat* (PDF) format (in French only).



Fiction, documentary:  
Marie-Christine Guité, Project Manager, ACIC
514 283-9324


Laetitia Seguin, Coordonnatrice ACIC

See also : Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP)

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