Chomsky vs. Chomsky

Creators: Sandra Rodriguez, Michael Burk (schnellebuntebilder), Cindy Bishop, Olivier Blais (Moov AI), kling klang klong

Produced by Sebastian Huber (schnellebuntebilder), Marie-Pier Gauthier
Partners: Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Lab Programs, Incubated at the MIT Open Documentary Lab, Funded by the Canada-Germany Digital Media Incentive.

Chomsky vs. Chomsky investigates the prospects, limitations, and pitfalls of AI by interacting with the ultimate guide: Chomsky A.I. The project is an in-situ collaborative and multi-user experience that combines different technologies. Its final form and the technology used will be determined by the creative process.  

Noam Chomsky, the famous linguist and scientist, is the most-digitized living intellectual, making him a perfect case study and the perfect guide for demystifying AI.

By venturing into the mechanical mind of one of today’s greatest thinkers, we discover the complex, messy, and beautiful nature of our own human creativity.

AI feels very opaque, highly specialized, and out of reach for the average person. We all think we know AI, but it’s actually hidden, hyped up, and mythologized. If it’s made intentionally mysterious, how can we all take part in steering its future? Understanding what AI is—what it promises to do, with what intent, and how it redefines relationships to machines and to each other—is power.