La course

Directed by Jenny Cartwright

Produced by Pierre-Mathieu Fortin

La course follows four candidates from young political parties in the October 2022 Québec provincial election. They back ideas rarely conveyed by the major parties or reported on by the media. While humanity is going through a key moment in its history at the dawn of the Earth’s sixth major extinction event, the film carries the message of people who are trying to bring about change, offering alternatives to the neoliberal model and overconsumption, and ways to deal with rising intolerance.

Through the candidates’ respective campaigns, it picks apart the electoral system and its numerous deficiencies—systemic barriers, additional difficulties for women and racialized groups, a flawed voting system, inequitable funding, and the role of the media.

In her documentary, Jenny Cartwright takes a harsh and scathing look at a political system that does not give everyone an equal chance. Most candidates have lost before they have even begun, which makes all of us losers in the election game.