Pierre-Mathieu Fortin


Pierre-Mathieu Fortin has been a producer at the Documentary Studio since 2020. With creativity, curiosity, and a fascination for art in all its forms, he is keenly interested in emerging talent and the trends that transform society.

Throughout his career, he has supported and guided filmmakers and producers in creating documentaries, series, and short films for various platforms.

After cofounding BonGolem, serving as creative director for digital content at Radio-Canada and as a producer at Sid Lee, Fortin joined Québec Cinéma, where he developed the fifth edition of the Rendez-vous Pro and La Forge, a Netflix-funded training event for emerging filmmakers. Over the course of his varied career, he has earned several Gémeaux and NUMIX awards and numerous international nominations.

For the NFB, he recently produced Star Wars Kid: The Rise of the Digital Shadows and Fernand Dansereau: In a Lifetime, and he led the Documentary in the Era of Climate Change creative lab. He is currently working on projects with filmmakers such as Sophie Bédard Marcotte, Patrick Bossé, Jenny Cartwright, Jean-Martin Gagnon, Will Prosper, and Matthew Rankin.