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The Repêchage initiative, launched in 2015 by the NFB’s Documentary Studio in collaboration with UQAM, allows graduates of UQAM’s School of Media (École des médias) to produce their first professional film at the NFB.

For the first edition of the Repêchage initiative, three “star students” majoring in cinema at UQAM were selected by producer Colette Loumède. The trio, composed of Loïc Darses (director), Charlotte Lacoursière (director of photography) and Philippe Lefebvre (editor), created the film La fin des terres (Where the Land Ends).


Repêchage is in its second edition. Director Audrey Nantel-Gagnon was recruited at the end of her BA studies in 2018 and is currently working on her short film project with the NFB: Seuls à plusieurs.