English Animation Unit

Located in Montreal, serving all of Canada.

Who we are

The English Animation Unit strives to build on its distinguished legacy, its commitment to creative excellence and its dedication to audio-visual experimentation in all its forms.

As a national unit we produce works from all corners of the country. With offices and studio staff in Montreal and Vancouver, our goal is to create space for filmmakers and digital artists to explore both traditional animation techniques and new and emerging forms of media making and storytelling.

Our studio embodies a philosophical approach that includes:

  • Meaningful support for artists eager to both define and challenge the possibilities of established genres and audio-visual forms;
  • An enthusiasm for creative approaches that are unconstrained by formats and off the beaten path;
  • A commitment to a diversity of voices and perspectives;
  • A commitment to a diversity of artistic approaches and techniques;
  • Inventive uses of custom technical solutions and creative tools, including deep expertise with experimentation and prototyping;
  • Varied development processes that require custom planning and project management;
  • A desire to connect and engage with the public through experimental and artful audio-visual work.

What we make

The studio specializes in producing auteur animated short films and experimental interactive and immersive media, including games and works of virtual and augmented reality.

Since 1941, our animated shorts have helped define the genre and garnered legendary acclaim including numerous Academy Awards® and nominations. The studio is also widely recognized as a pioneer in interactive storytelling and continues to receive acclaim globally for its inventive and groundbreaking works of VR.

The studio leads in the production of all animated films and interactive/immersive works inside the English Program at the NFB.

Who do we work with

We are eager to work with both experienced and emerging Canadian filmmakers, animators, storytellers and artists from all disciplines in all regions of the country, including writers, photographers, designers, computer programmers, etc. We will collaborate with them to build the team, identify the creative tools and source the technical expertise required to bring the production to life.

For emerging animators establishing their careers, we also offer an opportunity to work with the studio through “Hothouse,” our flagship filmmaker apprenticeship program.

In addition, we do enter into co-productions on select projects — both Canadian and international — and work to maintain our global reputation by working with creative partners around the world.

What we are looking for

The studio is a creative laboratory and we are looking for filmmakers and artists who embrace collaboration. Working with us means being part of an artistic community where you will be surrounded by a team committed to helping you realize your vision.

We are looking for projects that will be recognized globally for their creative excellence and technical innovation while also defining and expanding our understanding of our core genres of animation and interactive/immersive media.

We are interested in projects and ideas that are in the very early stage. We are not an arts granting organization or a funder and we do not provide finishing financing. We are looking for projects that we can support as producers with resources and financing at the earliest point in creative development.

We are interested in producing audio-visual art and stories with diverse perspectives that have the potential to inform and transform the way we see and think; stories and art that engage, entertain and help Canadians understand themselves, and in turn, help the world understand us.

How to submit a proposal

To submit an idea for a project, please fill out this topsheet and include it with any proposal material you have prepared.

We accept submissions year round. Please email: animation-interactive@nfb.ca

What happens after submission

After you submit your proposal we will contact you to ensure we have all the information we need to review your submission. We will also let you know the timeline and when you can expect a response from us.

We meet approximately every six (6) weeks to review proposals.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please email us at: animation-interactive@nfb.ca

Christine Noël
Executive Producer, French Animation Unit and English Animation Unit
Maral Mohammadian
Producer, English Animation Unit
Jelena Popović
Producer, English Animation Unit
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