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French Documentary Studio

Singular approaches and documentary tradition go hand-in-hand at the Documentary Studio, where we are redefining the contours of the form while producing work that is relevant and enduring.

The Documentary Studio is headed by executive producer Nathalie Cloutier and is inspired by the vision of  the producer Pierre-Mathieu Fortin. We are known around the world as a unique location for creating documentaries and exploring the limits of the form – both in terms of practice and innovation. The studio’s reputation and contribution to the evolution of the documentary genre are widely recognized.

Ever since the creation of the NFB’s French Program in the late 1950s and the advent of the direct cinema movement, our creators have used their cameras to document and understand the world around them – while discovering new formats, new technologies and new cinematic grammars. This legacy is a part of the studio’s DNA.

Today, filmmakers from all regions of Quebec are covering territory both within the province and around the globe, spotlighting essential and universal stories. Their works are marked by a strong authorial voice and unique visions – offering us new and often bold perspectives on the world.


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Please send your project to: studiodocumentaire@onf.ca




Nathalie Cloutier
French Program's Documentary Studio Executive Producer
Pierre-Mathieu Fortin
French Program's Documentary Studio Producer