French Program Interactive Studio

Located in Montreal.

Our production philosophy

Since opening in 2009, the Montreal Interactive Studio has proved fertile ground for new vocabularies and given new ways of storytelling room to emerge. We produce stirring, eloquent works that sit at the crossroads of the senses, technology and intelligence. The stories we tell might unfold one-on-one on a mobile device or mingle with the crowd in a public space, whether virtual or physical. To date, we’ve explored the narrative possibilities of the Internet, mobile apps, installation, performance, social media, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and more. We believe technology is a tool that should serve and reinforce strong storytelling. We seek works that appeal to the heart as much as they do the mind.

Our key themes

The projects we seek should touch on one of these four key themes:

The digital world: How have digital technologies transformed our world?

Global issues: How do you bring to light the hidden or less discernible phenomena that are changing our world?

The new individual: How will the changes we witness in the 21st century affect our relationship to ourselves, others and nature?

The connected imagination: We leave room for surprises and are open to original points of view with a strong digital sensibility, not just in terms of how they are made, but also the experiences they provide.

How do our projects start?

Projects at our studio normally get rolling in one of three ways:

  1. A creator or team of creators submits a strong idea and we commit to providing creative support as producers.
  2. We launch a call for proposals on a specific theme and produce the winning idea.
  3. We team up with other producers to co-produce a project on a subject that inspires us and around which we can put together a creative team.

Sometimes we use a mix of all three.

Submit a project

Present your idea by responding to the points below:

*Mandatory items

  • Project summary, rationale and motivations*
  • Subject and issues addressed by the project*
  • Target audience
  • Description of the user experience
  • Description of the platform(s) and (if relevant) the relation between them, as well as how they serve your subject and its treatment*
  • The technologies you anticipate using
  • Description of the levels of user engagement
  • Research report
  • Visual proposal (moodboards)
  • Team and portfolio*

Turning your idea into an interactive project

To assist creators, the Interactive Studio has designed a methodological approach for artists in the early stages of project development. The purpose of this exercise is to help you establish the foundations of your creative vision for your interactive project and allow you to refine its goals, subject and scope. This crucial step should be taken before you choose a format, technology, or even a story. This document will serve as a reference point, allowing the creative team to have a shared vision throughout the creative process. Through this exercise, you’ll determine your creative vision from the perspective of the user’s experience.

Read our methodological approach.

We accept submissions all year round. Projects may be submitted electronically to:

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Executive Producer at the Montreal Interactive Studio
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