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English Program Digital Studio

The Digital Studio at the National Film Board of Canada is dedicated to exploring the creative application of new technologies and how they can be used to engage audiences in the creation of story and art. The studio specializes in producing experimental mobile, internet and immersive experiences and is eager to work with storytellers and artists from all disciplines in all regions of the country, including filmmakers, writers, photographers, podcasters, interactive designers, computer programmers, etc. The Digital Studio publishes up approximately six to 10 original productions across a variety of platforms each year, including works of virtual and augmented reality, mobile applications and games, social media videos, physical art installations, websites and other interactive experiences.

Like the other studios at the NFB, the Digital Studio is interested in producing works that help Canadians understand themselves and in turn, help the world understand us. Since its founding in 2008, the studio has been recognized at the highest levels for its pioneering productions, winning over 150 international awards and honours including a Gold Medal at Cannes Cyber Lions, over a dozen Webby Awards, NHK Japan Prize, Communication Arts Awards and Canadian Screen Awards.

  • Physical location: Vancouver 
  • Territory: Produces work nationwide 
  • Slate: VR/AR/XR, Mobile/Web, Social Media Video, Location-Based Physical Installations, Games, Apps and Others.
  • Production staff: 9
  • Production output: Approximately 20-25 projects in investigate to production. Releases approx. 6-10 projects annually.


NFB Digital Studio
250-351 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0G6