French Program

French Program is where innovation and NFB tradition meet, resulting in a unique production philosophy that values creators and their approaches.

We have three production studios: the Québec, Canadian Francophonie and Acadian Documentary Studio, the Animation Studio, and the Interactive Studio. The studios all work with emerging and seasoned filmmakers, as well as with artisans (such as editors, sound designers, and musicians) from all backgrounds.

We support bold and innovative creator-led works with the potential to reach diverse communities through screenings in theatres and public spaces. Our productions and co-productions include a wide array of formats, platforms, and approaches, from linear to immersive and experimental. We prioritize a diversity of approaches, perspectives, and voices, consistent with the NFB;s values (emerging voices, parity, regional mandate, experimentation).

French Program also manages the ACIC (Aide au cinéma indépendant) program, which provides post-production support, allowing approximately 70 films by independent creators to be completed each year.

John Christou
Director of Production & Operations, Programming | Creation